Airbnb Anchorage Highlights Summer 2017

Celebrating our guests from the farthest east and farthest west over sourdough pancakes!

These three fabulous siblings try to convene each year in a different location of the world. They seek locations based on outdoor activities, good food, and adventure. We felt so blessed to host them and I knew we would hit it off with these guests. One brother flew in from Manchester, England; and two sisters flew in from Singapore!
We had a lot to talk about over breakfast. One is a research psychologist for a professional soccer team, and if I remember correctly one works in tourism and another in accounting. We were delighted to learn about their hut-to-hut hiking experience in Alaska. We also heard that they were going to Talkeetna and already had plans to fly with our friends at N2 Alaska, flightseeing. (
We enjoyed sharing our normal Saturday breakfast routine of sourdough pancakes with these three. It is amazing to meet strangers, share a home, and eat at the same table. My kids were able to eat breakfast with new friends who live half-way around the world from them!
"Crazy face!"